They love (or hate!) me in Portugal!!

I just found this posting last night on a blog in Portuguese and I really have no idea what it says. I tried to use the translation function but it didn't make much sense to me! The images are from a keynote speech I gave at InSEA (International Society for Education through Art, in NYC in 2002. I have no idea who posted it, but it's VERY cool (and a little weird) to see yourself on a blog posting (when you didn't put it up there yourself!). Viva la internet!!!

Oh my, PIE!

Illustration of Postcard
Illustration of back of post card Postcard says: Dear Dr. Funk, I hope you and your class have a fabulous end of semester shindig! You may want to consider this delicious pie recipe. It's sweet and tasty, kind of like me! Wishing you all a super, sunny (and good-hair) day!  Love, Dr. June cleavage

Dear Sweet Class:

Dr. June, checking in

Well, dear class. I understand that the semester is nearing an end. This is so sad. We didn't get much time to chat and I didn't get to share any of my worldly dating advice with you. Ah well. I hope you will visit me on this site after the semester's end. Remember, delicious advice is just a few keystrokes away!

Stay nice!
Love and hugs, Dr. June

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