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Bank Shots at the Cultural Hub of the Midwest

What a rack! I'm talking about stripes and solids set to break.

I haven't had my laptop with me for a long time because I have discovered that pool is a great way to meet people. I don't hang out in the corner, intimidated by chicks and their guys. I can put down a quarter and find friends....well, people who play pool or pretend to.

My Night Out

A miracle of nature is what they call me; no one would ever believe that I'm half a century old. it's my birthday and I'm at Grimaldi's--just what I needed. Cookie is behind the counter. She knows where the pizza goes and what you drink.
You walk in, you hear: "Have a seat. Red or white?"
"Be out shortly."
I like white pizza. The garlic paste is like candy.

Man in Search of a Killer Body...

I joined a new gym this weekend and its unusually clean. Seing clean corners and no dust under the equipment, I take off my coat and head for the eliptical machine. The man beside me looks like a model and the one on the other side looks vegetarian. I'm caught between stunning looks and good health, so I start pedaling.

Nanna's Ironmatic

Image of an Ironmatic

When I was small, my nanna had one of these. she used to iron bedsheets, pants, dresses. Man she loved to Iron. She would stack 5 or 6 LPs on the HI FI and hum gospel tunes, including Burl Ives and the Korean Childrens Choir while she put through sheet after pillow case, after garment.

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