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The Man-ster

And yet another tempting email device offering:

Help her realize all of her dreams with our help for a short time.
Dear Customer!
*We present new unique preparation will enlarge your phallus.*
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*This is the Manster*
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Enlargement Emails

The spam filters gets some, but there are always a few sneaky messages that make it into my inbox. Here's one I just received this morning. Wonder if they carry this enlargement device on Amazon?!:

Your wife doesn't admire to had sex with you along of your male
device length.

Don't worry you can solve this problem right now.

All you have to do is just make use of our device enlargement.

You will forget about trouble and your girlfriend will be happy.

Parasite Pals Quiz

Okay, this is really something. That wacky company Archie McPhee developed a quiz for you to identify which parasite you best identify with. http://www.mcphee.com/cgi-pvt/mcphee/pals.cgi?parasitequiz
I got blinky the eyelash mite! Identify your own Parasite Pal today!

Pick up lines. Skinny Nicole had her kid.

You've got to visit the Forum topic section of this site. Rudy V. posted a great story that we can all relate to - and there's no ending - so it's a real cliff hanger!!!

I'd love to hear your own 'how to break the ice' stories and suggestions, so please visit the Forum and share with us your favorite pick up lines or good ones that you've heard. Quite frankly, we could all use some help in that area! My father used, "do you drink beer?" which worked, but I continually question!

Mother's Little Helper

Picture of the Oster StimulaxIt's the start of a new semester. hey there! I had a hard time getting to sleep last night and I tried my normal tricks (hot very vanilla soy milk; watching "Sex in the City"; cruising Craigslist; and searching for Eames on eBay). Nothing seemed to work. Then, I remembered my special Oster device. When I first found this treasure I was intimidated by its large toggle switch. Not any more!

They love (or hate!) me in Portugal!!


I just found this posting last night on a blog in Portuguese and I really have no idea what it says. I tried to use the translation function but it didn't make much sense to me! The images are from a keynote speech I gave at InSEA (International Society for Education through Art, http://www.insea.org) in NYC in 2002. I have no idea who posted it, but it's VERY cool (and a little weird) to see yourself on a blog posting (when you didn't put it up there yourself!). Viva la internet!!!

Oh my, PIE!

Illustration of Postcard
Illustration of back of post card Postcard says: Dear Dr. Funk, I hope you and your class have a fabulous end of semester shindig! You may want to consider this delicious pie recipe. It's sweet and tasty, kind of like me! Wishing you all a super, sunny (and good-hair) day!  Love, Dr. June cleavage

Dear Sweet Class:

Dr. June, checking in

Well, dear class. I understand that the semester is nearing an end. This is so sad. We didn't get much time to chat and I didn't get to share any of my worldly dating advice with you. Ah well. I hope you will visit me on this site after the semester's end. Remember, delicious advice is just a few keystrokes away!

Stay nice!
Love and hugs, Dr. June

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