Pick up lines. Skinny Nicole had her kid.

You've got to visit the Forum topic section of this site. Rudy V. posted a great story that we can all relate to - and there's no ending - so it's a real cliff hanger!!!

I'd love to hear your own 'how to break the ice' stories and suggestions, so please visit the Forum and share with us your favorite pick up lines or good ones that you've heard. Quite frankly, we could all use some help in that area! My father used, "do you drink beer?" which worked, but I continually question!

Today is chilly, but once I get some earmuffs on my tall pink wig I think I'll head out there and do a little ice skating or maybe I'll stay home in my Christian Dior and do a little baking.

Love, Dr. June

p.s. did you hear that Nicole Richie just had a baby named Harlow Winter Kate Madden with rocker Joel Madden? Harlow? Winter? Kate? Guess they couldn't decide, eh? It seems like just yesterday that she was in the LA County jail. Ah, the life of a celebrity. Would you want it?


Thanks Dr. June! by rudyValentino (not verified)