Man in Search of a Killer Body...

I joined a new gym this weekend and its unusually clean. Seing clean corners and no dust under the equipment, I take off my coat and head for the eliptical machine. The man beside me looks like a model and the one on the other side looks vegetarian. I'm caught between stunning looks and good health, so I start pedaling.

Pace is important. When I used to run I always wore my glasses so I could see who was out running. Sometimes I would run faster than I should to keep up with someone I was attracted to. That never worked because I ended up with a stress injury and couldn't run four to six weeks. My brain was in my crotch. Yes, it is sometimes. This gym is nice, though, because you can run as fast or as slow as you like and the bodies remain in one place. For example the model next to me starts running and the vegetarian is already running, but we're still in the same place. Sweat drips and iPods Blaze, and the model's cologne drifts over.

Some of the people at this gym I see also at the grocery store.
"Hey, didn't I run into you picking out salmon steaks, or was that at the deli?"
What a line--no answer because of the iPod.

TV is good at the gym. It's Sunday and time for the real estate listings. You can see some terrific houses for sale. Great paneling, lawn art, lamp posts, and even those cast iron figures of black men in coachman's uniforms (but these people painted the face white). Times change.