Saw “Danny Collins” on Friday

After seeing the trailer for “Danny Collins” over several weeks, this film finally screened in Columbus. The reviews for this film varied with everything from praise to backhanded compliments, but after seeing the film, I believe this movie is worth a night out. It is exactly what it is billed to be, as a romantic comedy that pulls at heart strings and does it well. Characters and relationships unfold in sometimes rocky and unexpected ways built around the trope of a father (Al Pacino) estranged from his son (Bobby Cannavale). This relationship unfolds with some unexpected turns and keeps things moving.

The film shows — again — that the celebrity excesses of wealth and charity, even a Gull Wing Mercedes won’t buy happiness. Viewers who like redemption narratives, complete with all the bad habits, hang ups, and dysfunction that celebrities are stereotyped with, will see Pacino as a rogue pop music star — worn with time, cocaine, alcohol, and a fake tan.  If thats what you like, you won’t be disappointed. Check it out at the link below: