Ex Machina — a Mind Game

A machine that thinks is a common trope in science fiction of artificial intelligence, but  what about machines that pretend? Alex Garland’s Ex Machina characterizes a robot in a way that avoids terror-ridden stereotypes of Terminators and Trons. He repositions mechanical individuals as driven by artificial Intelligence,  artificial empathy, deception, and even sexual ploys.

A young programmer is selected to visit a remote estate owned by a wealthy scientist to interact with with a form of artificial intelligence. Tension in the film unfolds as we find out what this form is. In a setting of glamorous surroundings the plot is driven by the subtlety of gestures, long camera shots of empty hallways, and more — all in convincing  drama that will leave you motionless.

For a futuristic film that fascinates and keeps you uncertain, you’ll have to go see it.


Check it out: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0470752/