Terminator: Genisys — “I’ll be back [like it or not!]”

Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genisys, is the next in a long string of Terminator films and critics deliver cool, to tepid reviews. I’ll admit I cannot speak for Terminiator fandom, for I have not kept up with every sequel of the Terminator franchise, but my response is still mixed. What originated in the 1980s as a narrative with Schwarzenegger as the unstoppable colossus of destruction and mechanical automation out of control, has evolved to a nicer robot who protects from other forces that threaten apocalypse.

Like the earlier Terminators, this film pits humans against automated technology. This time the film takes up after the cataclysmic destruction of San Francisco (which seems to be destroyed in many a film, lately). Humans battle not only an army robots, but also the threat of an evil, corporate-driven artificial intelligence system, Genisys. The system lives in the guise of a network that syncs everyone’s computers and mobile devices, (familiar? the “cloud”?). This system secretly wants to enslave and destroy humans — people controlled by and through their mobile devices. Worst fears come true? Maybe, but in my mind, it wasn’t that convincing, just cliche.

Despite these drawbacks, there is some crafty intrigue in the film. The collapse of the time-space continuum plays out in very unpredictable ways that can evoke the uncertainty of the plot: Who is human? And who is machine? The problem is that these time jumps could be very confusing when they don’t match up with B-movie devices — camera shots taken directly from earlier sequels, a CGI-generated young Schwarzenegger, and of course the old sage, himself, stating: “I’ll be back… .”

If you want to see some great technical effects in another dystopian film where corruption is saved by human wit and determination, then this is a good film. Myself, I think they could have tried harder. Better luck next time.

Check it out: http://www.imdb.com/news/ni58760286?ref_=hm_nw_tp1_i