Judd Apatow’s new film Trainwreck  has fairly high (and some excellent) reviews, so I was expecting a good film when I bought a ticket. On top of good expectations, I was also pleasantly surprised with a far richer dramatic experience than trailers reveal.

The casting alone tells you that this will be a funny film, with two hours and five minutes to flex their character-building muscles, interspersed with cameos from many SNL actors. The characters are balanced without any one character stealing the spotlight. LeBron James steps into his role naturally, along with John Cena, Vanessa Bayer, Tilda Swinton and many others.

Trainwreck is a romantic comedy that makes some intelligent points about the ways we punish ourselves and sabotage our own happiness. Amy (Amy Schumer) is trapped in a dead-end job at a sensationalist magazine. As the plot begins, Amy is sent to research a story in the world of athletics, where she meets Aaron (Bill Hader) and a romance develops.

The characters are developed around their quirks in complex and uncomfortable ways, yet we are happy know them. The tension between Amy and Aaron pushes the envelope to edges that only they could find.   Aaron is a solid, loyal and trustful guy, but Amy is introduced as a dysfunctional, sometimes ugly character. Her quirks are rendered as believable, without the comic exaggeration we are used to in Saturday Night Live scripts; but this is good news! Aaron continually pursues Amy as she negotiates the fine line between between her dysfunction and her desire to change. And this tension keeps us watching.

All said, I believe this film delivers more than I thought I would get and it shows off some convincing acting and a cycle of emotions, with a charming backdrop of  SNL-syle moments. Though this film is not for children, most people would enjoy it either as SNL at its best or just a good romance  narrative.

Check it out: